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YourSidekick is your Internet communication partner. YourSidekick is a consulting firm for your personal and Internet challenges. Like a loyal partner, in good times and bad, YourSidekick is always there for you!

Successful Internet messaging requires more than the right hardware: It requires people who know how to communicate. Let the folks at YourSidekick lend you their helping hands.

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YourSidekick provides the help you want and need to be effective on the Internet.
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    The YourSidekick message center includes a bulletin board hosted by ProBoards Free Forums. If you have questions, post them on our webboard. It is a place where folks can communicate about communication. Personal and professional topics are welcome on our Webboard.

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    The YourSidekick Information Portal is the resource center for new media and communication students, teachers, consultants, interventionists, and anyone interested in communication and the Internet.

    Want the information you need to make your Internet messaging all it can be? Enter our information portal.

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    Want to take advantage of our messaging options and services?
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About YourSidekick

YourSidekick is made up of Internet messaging professionals as well as educators drawn from higher education. YourSidekick is an Internet consulting enterprise specializing in online communication as well as in virtual team collaboration, digital video, and multimedia solutions for your Internet needs.

We focus on how new technologies interface with intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, organizational, and public communication.

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