YourSidekick Service Center

Just as Curly, Moe, and Larry are always there for each other ...

YourSidekick is always there to assist you with your Internet communication needs.

YourSidekick Norton Consulting Group.

With its home base in, Australia, the Norton Consulting Group will challenge you with the questions you need to answer to survive and thrive. The Group fosters authentic communication that liberates thought, grants permission to explore, and encourages learning.



YourSidekick Sigaba.

Want the ultimate in e-mail privacy? Sigaba™ is the premier provider of secure Internet products and services and the home of SigabaSecure™ the easiest secure e-mail solution for individual users and corporations.

YourSidekick Allegro.

Allegro, currently known as "EasyLink," offers your business the solutions it needs to be a competitor. With services ranging from E-mail integration to worldwide communications, EasyLink is the nation's top messaging company.